A scene from the film

A new culture for the new man

Where Havana’s Country Club Park once stood, now sits an art school intended to produce future generations of artists committed to a revolutionary aesthetic for a 21st century people. La ENA (working title) is a documentary film that captures the pulse and life inside of Cuba’s prestigious national art school system. A combination of visual poetry and sociology. Through the long gaze of slow cinema, La ENA is a meditation on the construction of culture and aesthetics in Cuba today.

La ENA, is a visual study of Cuba’s Escuela Nacional de Arte. Its focus and subject is the school itself and the reproduction of aesthetic culture within post revolutionary Cuban society today. Both subjective in its gaze and rooted in social realism our focus is centered on institution rather than individuals. This observational approach captures the every day life and experiences of the school’s current inhabitants as it exists today. It is a combination of both sociology and observational documentary.